Friday, March 13, 2009

Herbert Rogers Kent

This is a must read for anyone interested in the "History of Chicago Radio" or understanding the mind of one of the "Greatest Radio Personalities" of all time. I have come to know Herb better after reading the book and he is without doubt one of the most for real people on the planet. In the midst of mourning another great radio personality Richard Pegue, reading Herb's Book eased the burden and provided insight that filled the blank spaces of my childhood years with facts and the realities of radio "Back in the Day."

Herb Kent is another reason as to why I wanted to be in "Radio" and reading "His-Story"(history) was an enjoyable journey. Once you sit down and start reading you will begin laughing out loud and feeling some of the same feelings of this giant in "Radio." Herb Kent is complicated yet everyday like many other human beings. Herb defines the "Love of the Game" through his 60 plus years in Radio. Indulge yourself and journey through the nine lives of this radio pioneer.

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